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@ -90,4 +90,44 @@ Some of the usecases of LDAP are:
- Samba allows for a Linux server to act as a Domain Controller. By doing so, user credentials on the Windows domain can be used instead of needing to be recreated and then manually kept in sync on the Linux server.
- A domain controller is a server that manages network and identity security, effectively acting as the gatekeeper for user authentication and authorization to IT resources within the domain.
# LDAPToolBox
- LDAPToolBox is a compilation of tools for LDAP administrators
- LDAPToolBox contains:
- Monitoring plugins
- Howtos and scripts
- Web interfaces for password and account management
- OpenLDAP packages and extensions
## Service Desk
- Application for teams who need to check, lock, unlock and reset user passwords
- Quick search for an account
- Features:
- View main attributes
- View account and password status
- Test current password
- Reset password and force password change at next connection
- Lock and unlock account
- Dashboards:
- Accounts locked
- Accounts with a password that will soon expire
- Accounts with an expired password
- Accounts idle (never connected or not connected since a number of days)
## Self Service Password
- Self Service Password is a PHP application that allows users to change password in an LDAP directory.
- In Addition to standard LDAP directories, it also supports Active Directory
- Features:
- Local password policy
- Help messages
- Reset by questions
- Reset by mail challenge (token sent by mail)
- Reset by SMS (through external Email 2 SMS service)
- reCAPTCHA (Google API)
- Mail notification on password change
![Self Service Password](./image/resetpassword.png)

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