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#### Include stdbool.h in uart.h ([#11728](
Include stdbool.h in uart.h to fix compiler errors.
##### Issues Fixed or Closed by This PR
* Travis CI errors
#### ChibiOS conf migrations... take 12 ([#11689](
Config migrations for the newest batch of boards merged from `master` into `develop`.
sha1sums all match.
durgod/k320 - 168c88d401381d9a29166d3b07967e6f0752532d
#### Update list of MCUs in keyboard.jsonschema to mirror ([#11688](
Mirroring checked values between python and jsonschema.
#### Backport ChibiOS Audio changes from ZSA ([#11687](
Should disable the pins for audio when not in use (playing notes). Added due to issues found with the Planck EZ.
##### Issues Fixed or Closed by This PR
* Issues found on planck ez.
#### Remove duplicated housekeeping call from `arm_atsam` ([#11672](
<!--- Describe your changes in detail here. -->
Patch for
##### Issues Fixed or Closed by This PR
#### ChibiOS conf migrations... take 11 ([#11646](
Final pass on all configs, now that the defaults have correctly been set.
sha1sums all match.
acheron/arctic - 2aedbe9103fff6c37e596c33c9ed337957647368
acheron/austin - c2f4e3b7fc9f1c3d64f47d139bc58367afeca1b7
acheron/keebspcb - 1ba976e409732bfa5c0487dd33e20bec06852ce4
acheron/lasgweloth - 01a2e70d0d86de0ff05d0b898a6e3b4428ee1581
aeboards/ext65/rev2 - 3c9a45cafb4ed6d9672aaff4548b105193633a87
ai03/vega - 1bd0dfccb99baa69bacd2d55f2bfa72019b8bf80
akegata_denki/device_one - a013823188660f5fca37c5763f160f8646aed7a7
at_at/660m - 9999583e8bec2772046132a22818482d24e18c84
box75 - 1126206109a942237eea96f3a9608e3c9ed55f8e
bt66tech/bt66tech60 - b69120638a8b2c86c008fd0592be918383d8a454
cannonkeys/an_c - c755f6caaccbe2b30d95661a3d441b836534c29f
cannonkeys/atlas - 1a18c55492a834b82715516ea4cd4d3d94508743
cannonkeys/chimera65 - 6bf226ef353da9106c381a8ac95a9b90529327e5
cannonkeys/db60 - 07e3246f8e3adc5b6918809e6a5aa1ad064b9a09
cannonkeys/devastatingtkl - 907d258e29eb7e35b1f868c1ea6148bfd1e3a3f2
cannonkeys/instant60 - ac876ff6746b08839a3936dd4126b52683b763f4
cannonkeys/instant65 - 3b8c89ec5fecbdb35cccb00c45e64a798528dbda
cannonkeys/iron165 - 0814ec4067d9857b0134e38384f272cf7172fb03
cannonkeys/obliterated75 - 0f376e5d9a232c62e9c60f8fdc81d12732352ddc
cannonkeys/onyx - d35134ebe09046b91ab176035d3742d80b23ed8e
cannonkeys/ortho48 - 828dbfbb013ff4fefe75044b3c9fd31fec5e95a1
cannonkeys/ortho60 - 2aca4dd4234e0dac828f5fa15ae5b3bc3c0605dc
cannonkeys/ortho75 - 4af8aaaded0ff53e9c01473f5968cc169f268647
cannonkeys/practice60 - e01df551d9483eeb3f825fcc453317fe65f674b5
cannonkeys/practice65 - 156163789d4c96cdd4787895788c1d02a2367f5c
cannonkeys/rekt1800 - 15882afb6373dea3e5f7ed13c19744ee2463f3bf
cannonkeys/sagittarius - f49fee611ffcc02cb3dc7f249fc8c83f136907b9
cannonkeys/satisfaction75 - 2c9fbbea3a38820774f6ff436ef51017b545475a
cannonkeys/savage65 - ddd764be363c46f3e9b1a16151bd02d8f66b2dd4
cannonkeys/tmov2 - 7af36cd2a42015838b77697624e90008ffa72778
cannonkeys/tsukuyomi - a120bea5dacb2cd6f143458cece46d2860ea196d
cheshire/curiosity - 93d8fe3b7a8e028d4b015941ee71b50afe86bc8a
coarse/cordillera - 7d986d3f534786f302cbf74a5e6b7e51ffe60093
converter/siemens_tastatur - 3f79f1467bbc56f284aceafd76ab5c6a1cbb68f4
cutie_club/borsdorf - f8c6015b7aacfd5edef4f22f719eea30660005e7
dekunukem/duckypad - d9c162d0867d3925cca2e653a3a3870eac2d23d2
ebastler/isometria_75/rev1 - 2ecdd00b8c6cc794a7014747185b88374d5766c0
ergodox_infinity - 76736c701db22e890764481c25bd38badf32a1cf
ergodox_stm32 - a7bdb0b7822617ca0f9d316a082874ac0fef5964
function96 - 1b9e394a86dab24b85d160afe9281b5e7652afe2
geekboards/macropad_v2 - de261e46a42cc7b7ff793e26200669f94b1dbb18
generic_panda/panda65_01 - 592d2443033875e0309506aa8cb5212389054458
handwired/ck4x4 - 9d7d4af7f2d787afd638e976334cd37c490040d7
handwired/onekey/blackpill_f401 - c9257a30203b3a0e5aa18b35e07281fcd043ab5d
handwired/onekey/blackpill_f411 - dfccc2c6b245cfb561faba60c9f3fc7af8c3db30
handwired/onekey/bluepill - 393f4b94e9a0fbc9cd00de1acde346ad72250b4a
handwired/onekey/stm32f0_disco - d827881f9bed09fd41c7c4e9d066e96b6643a099
handwired/onekey/teensy_32 - dd90f6c823da80ba43afa41249a2bdbbab98b04c
handwired/onekey/teensy_lc - 34596f2eeb62403cce532d20cf893ebd77fe2d05
handwired/pill60/blackpill_f401 - 20bbccb5058085076357f4fa956eede2c0af86e8
handwired/pill60/blackpill_f411 - e03a4c3ec3b9ba65b8067126a039a8eb2cd10e51
handwired/pill60/bluepill - 2fb721fb4376cde2067eed1c0c8acbf3bf5851c3
handwired/riblee_f401 - 2823cd98d64c91b146dae343a32176d51772952b
handwired/riblee_f411 - 5cf7589c9a11c4ed14e7d28676ac836fbb07d013
handwired/sono1 - d972acee03efb4917fc42f7d72c0a416b67ebd4a
handwired/t111 - f947c1d59025fe04e7d7b999d80e20277be4366c
handwired/twadlee/tp69 - 48ab62464ba1f2651f4468cbec7c6058e3b8c158
handwired/z150 - 35e85696845e965d7f2dcdb372ed20c17d42c2bb
hub20 - f094036a182169b5a73f89f09f2ccaa3e5fc9e7e
iron180 - 5efb6f21c848b3c964795d9debddceac7628933d
jm60 - dbbdbe8b27b3c1d0a25981b2f75728d163d5d299
keebio/bdn9/rev2 - 0031632523dddfc8f7b3a02cf9c5990ebbb3856d
keebio/choconum - 4484ef6936a497610ca5ae4d378bc07b2bc1b1c7
matrix/m20add - 6068aeff5b14c26de8838180f4397800abe9f1aa
matrix/noah - fcde175fb1d3f5bf0716ac5a880c2cc9ab4bbf7f
misterknife/knife66 - e7f3ceffb94fb8e680da2af27fa7cb1a0a52b699
misterknife/knife66_iso - ee027db939c098f908f70f02ffa9cc3952139f70
nebula12 - 2f3a25b6675dcd0fabe75e7bb63038d3cac19610
nemui - 4030faa372512f766fd747876cb28176302453f9
nibiria/stream15 - fd7b09affa208403099ef9bff1b756fac0d4f918
nightingale_studios/hailey - 496a44b2f789cc59a6110c7c1c41d57e59c722be
planck/rev6 - 6fb8f0bc21b4ab774ce3d339fdf6f25d96059f10
primekb/meridian - 8021ed99e8bdf92faab806780186cc924dd59e50
projectkb/alice - ad7678d475a14c54f28b62d1c1b15f5b4c4448bc
projectkb/signature87 - de61338b0a5c477f39c000df8117dd3017c2643d
ramonimbao/squishy65 - 2ea1a8b18c39d0e193bbbf5836191874d3aafc53
ramonimbao/wete - a80b3b309f06566adcdf20234d81c1d5aa599b00
rart/rartlice - c8c80c302428d62bb8b08e3185509a233a94f5f0
retro_75 - 7434e266bba43ded8ca1ff75d77faa506473ca91
rocketboard_16 - 1182a8730a84b58eba5a470286b6db6134d36f54
satt/vision - c85a28a8d7e321511a17a7e7084d0a7876d1779a
technika - 7c59de348f0ec5f6ac9e260806a87aaf16fbafa2
tkc/godspeed75 - e447b39dca393736fbf289049699d5b4748bb8c6
tkw/stoutgat/v2/f411 - 58e9b909379ad107affbff0508e3923264b75426
viktus/styrka - 36bf0921be79a8b037fdc25343584574a312be60
westfoxtrot/prophet - 80036c8f986c8d3261d6b0748d2057eccab6430b
whitefox - c9eccac0196c3e2e2ea6c90d3036283a3eabff2c
wolfmarkclub/wm1 - 0d22a426255b829a7805bd6a3ff927198b1e31b4
xelus/kangaroo - fdb1ffb66f4841f662e968929f058d4fd403c97e
xelus/trinityxttkl - a9641e5b39b7bb38351b9109f0f381837b2e8e79
xelus/valor_frl_tkl - 6c3b577852736a68727ec319c30712b3088e65cd
xiaomi/mk02 - 4c1406ebfee73551a844ef7ab29fc5788d7e875c
zoo/wampus - 930c903e85478e220a235f45593c03512c66bc2a
zvecr/split_blackpill - c0e3e1583262e4cb0ebfe2efa6356ed6c5c957ca
#### UART driver refactor ([#11637](
Moves the existing `uart.[ch]` driver to `drivers/`, and adds a ChibiOS counterpart (which may need some QA from someone more versed in the ARM side of things).
It would also be good to get some `puts()` and `gets()` implementations added, if possible. And I'm not really sure what to do with `uart_available()` on ARM.
##### Issues Fixed or Closed by This PR
#### Enforce memory allocator for ChibiOS builds with allocating debounce algorithms ([#11630](
Using one of the alternate debounce algorithms requires a memory allocator.
ChibiOS allows you to disable said memory allocator.
This puts some compile-time checks to enforce that the allocator has been enabled -- during testing with it set to FALSE, the keyboard would run and function correctly from a visible standpoint, but no keypresses would register. The fun part was, if the slave side had a firmware that had an allocator enabled, the master would still report keypresses on the slave, but not itself!
#### Fix up comments showing how to execute config migration ([#11621](
Looks like an older version of the migration command had a different name. Fixes up the comments as well as the generator to ensure consistency.
#### ChibiOS enable memory allocations ([#11620](
ChibiOS config consolidation inadvertently disabled memory allocations, so any malloc calls (such as for debounce algorithms) would fail. Typing would not function!
#### ChibiOS conf migrations... take 10 ([#11617](
Config migrations and custom board removals for the last batch of boards left outstanding in the repository.
sha1sums all match.
akegata_denki/device_one - 0d9f891416decbbb533c6c1147632ef7c55a2d9f
chavdai40/rev1 - 06bca6ec34948c8005e73254299488cdba3429f8
chavdai40/rev2 - f55650a8d7aa755eb72564e95a144910dd902a73
ergodox_stm32 - 04433b80e4cd231c15163ace77428db72b5483ad
jm60 - a127e6cfccad74ed1a9e47e9213dc41cf0d26f1d
matrix/m20add - e2e556dad666ed9b1eea09e46d0eb14e19bda8b8
matrix/noah - c6fd3caf0b7d444085283d4f0a9204ab283d5202
#### Leftover early initialisation conversions ([#11615](
This brings the last batch of stragglers over to use the early initialisation code.
#### Switch to nano specs on ChibiOS builds - Round 2 ([#11607](
<!--- Describe your changes in detail here. -->
With #11573, this could be worth another try... maybe (#9044 for the previous iteration).
#### Fixup builds on develop branch. ([#11600](
Fixes failing builds on develop after the change to the default set of enabled ChibiOS peripherals.
#### ChibiOS conf migrations... take 9 ([#11598](
Config migrations for the newest batch of boards merged from `master` into `develop`.
This batch includes the list of boards which still contain their own board definitions.
sha1sums all match.
akegata_denki/device_one - 0d9f891416decbbb533c6c1147632ef7c55a2d9f
ergodox_stm32 - 72aeab1612ef73555a73dd60d005e671a90d7e2f
jm60 - cc75e97727fadd939be4bdf7fa3714320465d3ef
matrix/m20add - b0dee0b4e8c0a94d55fea51c8699972f15483209
matrix/noah - 57a1c09cd24716863ce862e0b9cbca2a9c6fcebf
nibiria/stream15 - 610b151b02f5cac681c65fbd3f94a12312f99b82
xiaomi/mk02 - f92fcee777acc159c0af268e88b751fd1e33f74f
#### Keep track of encoder activity ([#11595](
Addition to the "last matrix activity" PR, this time around it keeps track of encoder activity too.
Adds four new APIs:
uint32_t last_input_activity_time(void); // Timestamp of the last matrix or encoder activity
uint32_t last_input_activity_elapsed(void); // Number of milliseconds since the last matrix or encoder activity
uint32_t last_encoder_activity_time(void); // Timestamp of the last encoder activity
uint32_t last_encoder_activity_elapsed(void); // Number of milliseconds since the last encoder activity
Tested on the Djinn rev1.
#### `qmk cformat` ([#11594](
Execution of `qmk cformat` against `develop`.
#### ChibiOS conf migrations... take 8 ([#11588](
Config migrations for the newest batch of boards merged from `master` into `develop`.
sha1sums all match.
hub20 - 089b49b233c4e9b8ab643c6b338c91f5c3136e32
#### Fix user keymaps that aren't compiling ([#11584](
A number of user keymaps don't compile. I've been compiling `all:all` a lot lately so having these cleaned up will help me a lot.
#### Remove QMK_KEYBOARD_CONFIG_H ([#11576](
<!--- Describe your changes in detail here. -->
Given that all `config.h` files are automatically injected as part of the build process, this PR removes `QMK_KEYBOARD_CONFIG_H` which only functions some of the time.
#### Adds AT90USB162 support ([#11570](
Adds support for the AT90USB162.
After my previous PR failure I hope this one is smoother. I've ran `make all:default` and there are failures with some boards but they appear to happen on develop as well. I've compiled and flashed AT90USB162, ATmega32u4 and STM32F401 boards using this branch.
I've added preliminary support into spi_master, uart and serial but I've not tested these features but the registers, bits and pins line up with the datasheet. I've been able to test the changes to backlight_avr on a couple of accessible pins with hardware pwm. I'm a little unsure about the edit I've made to the max eeprom address in dynamic_keymap.c as it doesn't make an exception for the 16u2?
The MCU has no ADCs or support for I2C. I found a [datasheet]( while creating a the first pull request stating the ATmega16u2 is functional equivalent to the AT90USB162 which lines up with the edits I've made.
I'm expecting to have missed something but hopefully not too much.
For context this is to port existing hardware to QMK, I appreciate there's not likely going to be much call for this MCU. Any who thanks for your help and time.
##### Issues Fixed or Closed by This PR
#### Keep track of last matrix activity ([#11552](
Re-submission of #10730 -- there was a logic issue that only seemed to manifest on some AVR builds.
@daskygit has graciously performed the investigation on their end, as I was unable to reproduce.
This PR adds support for recording the last time matrix activity was detected.
Two new APIs have been added:
uint32_t last_matrix_activity_time(void); // Timestamp of the last matrix activity
uint32_t last_matrix_activity_elapsed(void); // Number of milliseconds since the last matrix activity
These values are compatible with normal matrix scanning, as well as split_common.
#### Remove duplicate manufacturer definitions ([#11544](
Now that the integration between info.json and config.h is tighter we should define these variables in only one place. I chose to leave this in `config.h` under the principle of least surprise.
#### Process info.json rules ahead of userspace rules ([#11542](
Fixes the import order so that keyboard-level vars don't overwrite userspace.
#### ChibiOS conf migrations... take 7 ([#11529](
Config migrations for the newest batch of boards merged from `master` into `develop`.
sha1sums all match.
alpine65 - 91e88b87653234a9023f4ad98913a6ea52c8b3fb
cannonkeys/onyx - 2adf507afd4e288761a675de9cfbb6e34c540e29
ck60i - 98be5d22a3cd1b38d92e080f32c4795260db181b
cutie_club/borsdorf - 81734ebf770ab731ca8dcfac6fce5574e948890e
#### Allow post_config.h to be implemented in userspace ([#11519](
Allow `post_config.h` to be defined in userspace directories.
At present, we pay attention to it in keyboard and keymap directories, but not in the userspace.
#### ChibiOS conf migrations... take 6 ([#11504](
Config migrations for the newest batch of boards merged from `master` into `develop`.
sha1sums all match.
cannonkeys/sagittarius - 953626d1b87574290016ed09caaf5e3fa7b73189
evolv - c2f56a35ef1d11b002f9306ed2814ac0447e68c4
#### Document how to add data driven configurations ([#11502](
This describes how to add configuration values to info.json so they work in the build system as well.
#### ChibiOS 20.3.2 ([#11495](
The long-awaited upgrade to ChibiOS 20.3.2.
Successful builds: 121
Warning builds: 21
Failing builds: 0
#### Add support for specifying BOARD in info.json ([#11492](
`BOARD` was added while I was working on my data driven qmk project. This adds support for specifying it in info.json like everything else.
#### Another round of develop fixing ([#11473](
Somehow these things broke even though my last PR was compiling clean.
#### Disable ChibiOS subsystems repo-wide. ([#11449](
Disables a bunch of unused ChibiOS subsystems across the repository.
File checksums do change, as things like condvars aren't being imported into the build any more.
#### Fix compiling squiggle/rev1 ([#11448](
The structure for squiggle/rev1 was incorrect and needed to be fixed.
#### Fix compiling treadstone32/rev1 ([#11447](
The structure for treadstone32/rev1 was incorrect and needed to be fixed.
#### Fix up build dependencies. ([#11435](
Fixes up build dependencies so that the generated files are correctly made available previous to compiling any object files.
#### Fix broken keyboards on develop ([#11427](
A few keyboards were broken by my info.json work.
##### Issues Fixed or Closed by This PR
#### Split up QWIIC makefile variables to have _ENABLE and _DRIVERS ([#11426](
As per the description, this splits up `QWIIC_ENABLE=<drivers>` to both `QWIIC_ENABLE=yes/no` and `QWIIC_DRIVERS=<drivers>`.
This is broken on `develop` since the addition of `qmk generate-rules-mk`.
#### AVR weak bootloader_jump ([#11418](
Allows for a custom implementation of bootloader_jump() for non-standard bootloaders on AVR.
This allows for a cleaner override compared to catching RESET in process_record_* and implementing bootmagic_lite().
<!--- Describe your changes in detail here. -->
#### Remove handwired/bluepill. ([#11415](
As discussed, remove legacy code.
#### ChibiOS conf migrations... take 5 ([#11414](
Config migrations for the newest batch of boards merged from `master` into `develop`.
sha1sums all match.
handwired/sono1 - cca23170d69383fd0fc4b21bdfacb32ee57e1305
#### ChibiOS conf migrations... take 4 ([#11413](
Config migrations for the newest batch of boards merged from `master` into `develop`.
sha1sums all match.
cannonkeys/tsukuyomi - 7beddc74b03d652481198843a178177de5da3ddb
misterknife/knife66_iso - f2dd6e6c54258ae9d09a88215b36fba34947fc23
mode/eighty/m80h - 4bbbee01a89a5b4ab5f4de36e0dd2044cf54a698
mode/eighty/m80s - 6de4a1affab4ed8f08423eb511393ed797e3ea77
#### Fix broken keyboards ([#11412](
My recent PR broke a few keyboards, this addresses the breakage.
#### Fix compiling on develop ([#11409](
A merging error led to uncompilable keyboards.
#### Refine twinkle to be smoother (use breathing curve) ([#11350](
This pull request updates the RGB Lighting "Twinkle" effect to be smoother, similar to the "Breathing" effect. To do this, the Twinkle code has been updated to use the same table that the Breathing uses (but "stretched" mathematically), and the default cycle intervals & twinkle life have been adjusted. There are also some changes to make the effect look nicer when lower brightness settings are configured.
To avoid bloat, I've done some minor refactoring so that Twinkle and Breathe can share some code. There is no significant impact on either firmware size, or on matrix scan rate. Nevertheless, since this is change to an effect that folks may have customized, I am targeting the develop branch.
#### Improved Language Specific Keycodes for US International and Extended Layouts ([#11307](
This pull request improves a corner of the Language Specific Keycodes:
- Improvement for the **US International** keyboard layout [aka _`xkb:us:intl:eng` - English (US, international with dead keys)_]
- Support for more symbols added
- Fixed some confusion between dead-key accents and standalone counterparts (`US_DGRV` vs. `US_GRV`, `US_DTIL` vs. `US_TILD`, etc.)
- Adds `sendstring_us_international.h` that will (if included) make `send_char()` / `send_string()` work correctly when the host is configured for this keyboard
- Adds support for **US Extended** keyboard layout [aka _`xkb:us:altgr-intl:eng` - English (international AltGr dead keys)_]
- Adds support in `send_char()` / `send_string()` for ASCII characters that can only be entered by typing a dead key followed by a space.
I've targeted this at the `develop` branch, because:
- The change to `send_char()` increases firmware size slightly (by about 62 bytes) for all keyboards.
- The changes in `keymap_us_international.h` make it more correct, but may break keymaps that depend on it (although I note, there doesn't seem to be anything in the `qmk/qmk_firmware` tree that uses it at present).
#### ChibiOS conf migrations... take 3 ([#11261](
Config migrations for the newest batch of boards merged from `master` into `develop`.
sha1sums all match.
acheron/lasgweloth - 3bedb0fe1f1b542b4d90daeaeab8905cd9ee992c
box75 - ff91bacf5cec0b42df02967eb0ecbf4bd1b56928
geekboards/macropad_v2 - 1c205720d47f7e636173064b1aef1637860a9134
iron180 - 867929d78361a50e34671e4e167cafd927d8982b
technika - cb9295b90980eb8dfdc63d6031533edbb344c045
#### Fix duplicate I2C_KEYMAP_START define ([#11237](
And moved the sync timer define to match its placement in the struct.
##### Issues Fixed or Closed by This PR
#### Update ADB impelemtation in TMK Core ([#11168](
The ADB protocol implementation enables the ADB-USB converter in QMK. However it was ported from TMK some time ago and not updated since then. This is what this PR does. The updated and more complete ADB implementation is needed in order to enable some features on older Apple keyborads:
- automatic detection of ISO keyboards and swapping key codes accordingly [see](
- enable right modifier keys on AEK keyboards [see]( and [this](
I tested the changes with an Arduino Pro Micro and my AEK II and M0116 keyboards, both in ISO layout. Some testing with the ANSI versions might be needed. Also, I could not test how JIS versions of the keyboards are affected by these changes. I assume not at all, as they do not swap key codes.
<!--- Describe your changes in detail here. -->
##### Issues Fixed or Closed by This PR
#### Remove unused `action_get_macro()` usages in user keymaps & layouts ([#11165](
This is all the `action_get_macro()` functions that either define no macro handlers, or do but which are not referenced anywhere in the keymap as `M()` keycodes or in `fn_actions`. There are still a ton of keymaps to be converted over to `process_record_user()`.
Also removes "the old way" macro documentation.
##### Issues Fixed or Closed by This PR
#### [Keyboard] Add Pix ([#11154](
<!--- Describe your changes in detail here. -->
Add Pix keyboard, a single row macropad with Encoder and OLED Screen, can be mounted under your monitor
##### Issues Fixed or Closed by This PR
#### ChibiOS conf migration: dekunukem/duckypad ([#11123](
Same as other conf migrations, sha1sum matches: `0014c2a10913fad7b71f5fc8a0d6adb6b3c4b128`
make -j$(nproc) dekunukem/duckypad:default COMMAND_ENABLE=no SKIP_VERSION=yes SKIP_GIT=yes
#### Disable almost all ChibiOS subsystems in default configs ([#11111](
Disables most ChibiOS subsystems, or using ChibiOS-supplied default values where appropriate.
No config migration has occurred yet, so nothing is using these files.... yet.
Also moves out the configuration files from the F4x1 blackpills, such that they're actually part of the keyboards in question.
All F4's built, compared against develop, using sha1sum to validate binary reproducibility:
handwired/onekey/blackpill_f401:default - 8387bfd56888fc1605d293dc0071b4ec94b23991
handwired/onekey/blackpill_f411:default - 855efdb2f60c384edf64773c0f4ff4b7ea8ae4c9
handwired/pill60/blackpill_f401:default - 5b652354ae957e86e211dcef29f8f27320b31180
handwired/pill60/blackpill_f411:default - 580255c171e95b5bca53b14a13ae018a73d18414
handwired/riblee_f401:default - dc68c31d7ca8ae0fad7e7ad8bdd63406155ff363
handwired/riblee_f411:default - cf0fadff4c98d41cf9bdddbe1ead15c79be941b9
matrix/m20add:default - 2bad5fc486e640a97d7197d03caf8762d36dc1b0
matrix/noah:default - e52979ce61a24594346cd7031ffd3f788ab423e7
phoenix:default - 21bfb14c52451899dadf545b78a8e88b22a420f0
tkw/stoutgat/v2/f411:default - b094651ec61c79099de3e6e4991319816ac464c1
zvecr/zv48/f401:default - 8b1766a24f943b9b0ba756c6fe340ba69d5e14e3
zvecr/zv48/f411:default - 09ba645092eb7f3d41da0d5e6727f2f4f97033c0
Running `make all-chibios:default`:
Successful builds: 147
Skipped builds: 1110
Warning builds: 9
Failing builds: 0
#### Use the schema to eliminate custom code ([#11108](
<!--- Describe your changes in detail here. -->
#### Validate our JSON data using json_schema ([#11101](
This builds on #10817, and should be merged after that one.
#### Sync Timer feature ([#10997](
Added a sync_timer set of apis that will keep their value in sync across split common keyboards. This helps keeps led animation effects in sync when run in split modes (RGBLIGHT_SPLIT or the upcoming RGB_MATRIX_SPLIT). This PR is targeting the development branch as this is a change to the Transport code which will require users to flash both master and slave halves.
~~Spent quite a bit of time poking at RGBLIGHT fixing the hitching of the previous attempts at a sync timer. Solved all the hitching, but it still does not stay in sync as well as I would like (when RGBLIGHT_SPLIT_NO_ANIMATION_SYNC is defined) due to how animation ticks are handled in RGBLIGHT. So while it's using the sync timer, it's not any better than what it was before. Additionally an option to disable the sync timer and fall back to normal timer is possible using the #define DISABLE_SYNC_TIMER~~
All hitching for RGBLIGHT with sync_timer has been fixed. Additionally RGBLIGHT now stays in sync with RGBLIGHT_SPLIT_NO_ANIMATION_SYNC defined Only remaining issue: boot / startup time hitching causes the animations to start out of sync. So there needs to be an initial sync event to get them lined up. RGBLIGHT_SPLIT_NO_ANIMATION_SYNC not defined still fixes this.
Note: In testing, this was used in conjunction with
##### Issues Fixed or Closed by This PR
#### Configuration minimisation (phase 1) ([#10976](
ChibiOS configuration files are used in order to enable or disable access to certain subsystems in order to provide support for things such as audio or I2C/SPI -- as per standard Proton-C. In the past, Proton-C has provided a "config-less" setup, which provided these configuration files and turned on all the required subsystems in order to support them.
These configuration files were moved to a common area, and effectively enable subsystems like SPI, PWM or DAC, regardless of whether they're targeting F303, with or without a Proton-C.
This PR modifies the way F303's are built, allowing for a build target of a board called `QMK_PROTON_C` -- this contains the usual fully-fledged configurations, and disables the majority of the subsystems on the `GENERIC_STM32_F303XC` board.
All F303-targeting keyboards have been migrated across to the `QMK_PROTON_C` board in this PR, specifically to validate that SHA-1 checksums match what's currently on the `develop` branch:
1upkeyboards/sweet16/v2/proton_c:default - 8c01a546f9101a1306fedc501f375ba167364572
acheron/shark:default - ee3d9ab5285a62d6764db984f5fce29a072823cc
atreus:ridingqwerty - 2a32c64e54f743aea3d2662526213ca1224a2d16
boston_meetup/2019:default - d17230c17f6f3b791272d01825b78a6e531f0450
c39:drashna - b75040aa31fdb4ae663973c6d2d1194ddf5addb4
ckeys/thedora:default - e62922bc5dac220d4287070859140f97b831def2
clueboard/60:default - bb5057d4a2976b6530fe2e345a4153de2f7c042d
clueboard/66/rev4:default - 878e38a34f97b32d9d109a6d98f98bc385d84864
clueboard/66_hotswap/gen1:default - 03fe10f4de7b67e5f1cf0a7d576f82676adf4261
clueboard/california:default - b10e51183dd1f5891faeef3e44ec325cb4e194fa
dztech/dz60rgb/v1:default - eade21047afb40d903e548c38ab4671d956282c2
dztech/dz60rgb_ansi/v1:default - 61e275467ce256a1f5d2a719aad642c6c7b3a6b2
dztech/dz60rgb_wkl/v1:default - 6858c2c8fa322d23932402ca761e9c37ff3dedc0
dztech/dz65rgb/v1:default - d7543c7be51c9932624b455fd71d3a1e45537469
hadron/ver3:default - 632af7727b767720c699abdff770edc9682928ee
handwired/co60/rev6:default - be1688eeabd83a7f576d9e4e23e24d56b8dc251b
handwired/co60/rev7:default - d196c5772859ddee695bda5b0e9f0944a0f350f8
handwired/d48:default - 24c4e7fee59ceed78400091e3134239ad5b8c662
handwired/ddg_56:default - c65d1eeb891795edc889e7e84dce5fe098471dc4
handwired/floorboard:default - 8b007072e49f461fdcd818b7f95a4da0c6c053b4
handwired/onekey/proton_c:default - 076611ec2a181ab20e6f418b1e72240b625e366a
handwired/onekey/pytest:default - d12db66a81cd0d4afb96e026f8b2a95ca77ee176
handwired/selene:default - fdba0edd6ce2526adf1a7ae9eb3b07fd20f6076f
handwired/sick_pad:default - 3cf8b00dd8bfb0c26ba601d58d5fce28298f912e
handwired/steamvan/rev1:default - 743b395ac87b918b6be4614c9e120e80a9f049d4
handwired/wulkan:default - 629359dae610138096e09daaba3556209b4107ef
hs60/v2/ansi:default - 7bcd152c269803de8f96416ba26e939c0420ceae
hs60/v2/hhkb:default - d77f393d2811bd104b05c4530bf1083d75856b7a
hs60/v2/iso:default - 5d3d20de919fca3b64cb7548cad46e8d35d7cc04
kbdfans/kbd67/mkiirgb/v1:default - 15877ecb90c9c7ed2823bf4637c69edd2a8bc45b
keebio/bdn9:codecoffeecode - 2b2844e60da163b5dc0d190c7aa8e98218890833
keebwerk/mega/ansi:default - 10e32718c7bfff2f6bd8dd2159a15bef0f4acbf9
kingly_keys/little_foot:yanfali - 87383c1296f6d16178864cee67c11292ea60ddde
kv/revt:default - 2d806f2cb95a26e35238fcc1541f63896ebdfdd0
mechlovin/adelais:default - 9de468d5836cda082918498cf644a872c249bc29
mechlovin/hannah60rgb:default - 22119e8e0cbbe0340b4ebe7d860a83efbc9d6c0d
mechlovin/hannah65:default - 0a209d9c018b7c33e14bca26ad1f99c363e67118
mechlovin/infinity87:default - 9c7a2eea08a9b6dd9f9dc888ee04a53f15b60e0a
mechlovin/infinity88:default - 79677fed5264a45e776ce23467e0258cd161f6d5
melgeek/mj61/rev1:default - 4b4e15a164bb215c7de163248fdbd15ca3939121
melgeek/mj63/rev1:default - a59aaf5d6bd260299878547489a6ab8888d4758e
melgeek/mj64/rev1:default - 765287938c4bc0774b62795717f600ccc6bd058b
melgeek/mj64/rev2:default - d8603e5406d25f6ff51f0ed003765626189af56c
melgeek/mojo75/rev1:default - 7aed878a64d5cc39d9a09aa5d42178391d9e2c1d
melgeek/z70ultra/rev1:default - f93c1bcfb4f7732f40bac8f9917ee43db99bea70
montsinger/rebound/rev1:curry - 7540ac725e2de6b155b9961a73aab5e949263c53
moonlander:default - d33b143f995aaf9751e9403ef99d6134940e15b8
nack:default - ba7f421d5670e672c5c14fd5f80c0f86447c1468
nebula68:default - 6bed6afb2fd84ef9069b757f1d1e87fc1cbe290c
nk65:default - 75b2484741a96dcbff14e94c44443bb33ad73dce
nk87:default - f719a739a3d2c0969c79c1ace5fe9a7d6f05cc22
default - 9338d2fb97d6005b53a93d0c43453b535a4255c1
planck/rev6:default - cb19e7f473183e040406c710b7bf797356d6dec3
preonic/rev3:default - 5a2bce8227691b84107e7757a1ccee03e56577fb
rgbkb/pan/rev1/proton_c:default - 2724e0d7c7e9b7a77bb58bc33516f462c4e75182
yugo_m/model_m_101:default - c338c93888cd50aa69453e0bd2b4394f1c09ffc8
rgbkb/zen/rev1:default (CTPC=yes) - edbf80fc4f3680fa55cefc410c01c2ba360676d1
rgbkb/zen/rev2:default (CTPC=yes) - e2aea7fd02e5d36d1c7aa58006b3442363b7a005
#### Added rev2 & move rev1+rev2 to parent folder ([#10973](
<!--- Describe your changes in detail here. -->
Aplx6 has a new rev and a new pcb with encoder & oled display support.
Made a parent folder named aplx, renamed aplx6 to rev and added rev2 folder and files.
Edited old rev1 to correct the make: example.
Sorry for any bad coding in advance :P
##### Issues Fixed or Closed by This PR
#### Rewrite APA102 support ([#10894](
The APA102 source was broken by commit 16a15c1cfcbfd0feb2c2cf1383676747e2f97d73 as it did not include the quantum header. This PR addresses that, as well as other issues with transferring bytes over the SPI interface, i.e. it was not setting the clock pin back to low after sending a bit.
The deviation when sending the end frame is kept, but updated to the latest from the referenced project.
Additionally, these changes expose the global LED brightness parameter of the APA102. Brightness values are configurable through `APA102_DEFAULT_BRIGHTNESS` and `APA102_MAX_BRIGHTNESS`.
Question: Since it is using the QMK macros, does this still belong in under `drivers/avr`?
##### Issues Fixed or Closed by This PR
* #10026
#### Configure keyboard matrix from info.json ([#10817](
This PR will generate `#define`'s based on information found in info.json. This is a big step towards making QMK easier to work with for non-programmers, and making it easier for collaborators to maintain a large number of keyboards using automated tooling.
#### Add support for 8 buttons to mouse report ([#10807](
#### Keep track of last matrix activity ([#10730](
This PR adds support for recording the last time matrix activity was detected.
Two new APIs have been added:
uint32_t last_matrix_activity_time(void); // Timestamp of the last matrix activity
uint32_t last_matrix_activity_elapsed(void); // Number of milliseconds since the last matrix activity
These values are compatible with normal matrix scanning, as well as split_common.
#### Moved s7_elephant and bear65 into 1 folder ([#10528](
<!--- Describe your changes in detail here. -->
The 2 boards are now moved into the folder jacky_studio/
I have checked with Jacky, and he is ok with this naming convention
#### ChibiOS upgrade: keyboard conf migrations (phase 1) ([#10418](
Performs the config migrations for ChibiOS-based boards.
This PR includes the set of keyboards which do not require board changes, or even if the board has changed the resulting binary has a sha1 match before and after the configuration file migration has occurred.
All builds have been executed with the following command:
make -j$(nproc) ${KEYBOARD_BUILD}:default COMMAND_ENABLE=no SKIP_GIT=yes
The keyboards listed at the end do require modification, and will result in further PRs to allow for board-specific validation without holding up other merges.
Listing of boards successfully migrated:
acheron/arctic - 8d3d233f15bf5d396e29abb94f943a89b0b828d1
acheron/austin - beabc6204533de80704684de9ff7790895f319e1
acheron/keebspcb - e14a96e99aab54aefebc1d3d24d64b0082db7842
aeboards/ext65/rev2 - 0b97daef994903585be2768b6aaffc4da97ec617
ai03/vega - 7e5f208278309681fd1db8b2629890b813fdf938
at_at/660m - e30393b6546454f9939c1187aa9c6539f1ef76c1
bt66tech/bt66tech60 - a7f4e8a224132830447d12c92d146997f9b56b7d
cannonkeys/an_c - e7320dc09377fdad749e382b3986f2241633214b
cannonkeys/atlas - 063a8eaea7e68607b725ad06777c49d34686b433
cannonkeys/chimera65 - 01ce66c862a5cd98183b10e992939a55038779bc
cannonkeys/db60 - 45636d0b3cf951cef51a5b19678e2da549efd14f
cannonkeys/devastatingtkl - 709e0155c421991fad283d38c28f850320ed4730
cannonkeys/instant60 - 7e530e10794183d684a328f01b9b0743907440c7
cannonkeys/instant65 - c8de288708d0586337cb7137ae54d97e1ddc90a6
cannonkeys/iron165 - 3a3c0273e227fd15ab3527e4aa557b94d0b69248
cannonkeys/obliterated75 - cdf834802ae77b1bbd4876eb8c34c19a83ad95cd
cannonkeys/ortho48 - 3432ff13c83a6358eca44b37f72b18882eeda699
cannonkeys/ortho60 - 95be42a23798cc8f9b04175d4892b712d871a52d
cannonkeys/ortho75 - e1149893fd01e853124808b45d521b61a7638eb9
cannonkeys/practice60 - 6e4da87f0a766cf2665e9b4aa8e3ab33017cf745
cannonkeys/practice65 - c436c06829123503073b3a9c5a1c0acfc2dbe2e5
cannonkeys/rekt1800 - 43e8e21b62531534afeaa241f4c683fbdb60a8e0
cannonkeys/satisfaction75 - 28ff9a8a11ad1de9d09ec85fab2af906b7c27d6a
cannonkeys/savage65 - 53eaefae56020b536d4934686506d5d1fe51b6e0
cannonkeys/tmov2 - 8b1ced8ff7dc368afa268104cd5192bb1bfc8a1c
chavdai40/rev1 - b166af66b084077764b705c9428725cde0b0ce51
chavdai40/rev2 - 0048c8ec8c28f1dfa5d1a37348524899595d8325
cheshire/curiosity - f1636e53638ce2e798070e6e622fd88a08982d5a
clueboard/60 - bb5057d4a2976b6530fe2e345a4153de2f7c042d
clueboard/66_hotswap/gen1 - 03fe10f4de7b67e5f1cf0a7d576f82676adf4261
clueboard/66/rev4 - 878e38a34f97b32d9d109a6d98f98bc385d84864
coarse/cordillera - 5cae5c643e96d03bddcbb73e76e225ea5f82fef3
converter/siemens_tastatur - 48f82cd227836878967dfa0fe0411f7d877a124c
ergodox_infinity - 8df21d6129eef47d7a5ced92715e5bdbfb0151e5
function96 - deecdcdca34c88058f820f0e2bc9f112458c85c5
generic_panda/panda65_01 - 8522d8107edcf71758f3be7298c0bc18fa7f6706
hadron/ver3 - 632af7727b767720c699abdff770edc9682928ee
handwired/ck4x4 - a4cb9b5b8c3a162083677b14b105edbc1bca2baf
handwired/co60/rev6 - be1688eeabd83a7f576d9e4e23e24d56b8dc251b
handwired/co60/rev7 - d196c5772859ddee695bda5b0e9f0944a0f350f8
handwired/onekey/blackpill_f401 - 8387bfd56888fc1605d293dc0071b4ec94b23991
handwired/onekey/blackpill_f411 - 855efdb2f60c384edf64773c0f4ff4b7ea8ae4c9
handwired/onekey/bluepill - 60d8555b174dbdabae196a4cc5eccfee4bdd9529
handwired/onekey/stm32f0_disco - 9bc12e29f5a4e4b9ec0f34987559e5e11de4bb48
handwired/onekey/teensy_32 - 17459dd8e71b3a33270037878bdbd04151af196b
handwired/onekey/teensy_lc - 3a9aed4681c287176efe31c988340ca43ad27a9d
handwired/pill60/blackpill_f401 - 5b652354ae957e86e211dcef29f8f27320b31180
handwired/pill60/blackpill_f411 - 580255c171e95b5bca53b14a13ae018a73d18414
handwired/pill60/bluepill - 29109b54137ea94ac266c604991cff87516689ff
handwired/riblee_f401 - dc68c31d7ca8ae0fad7e7ad8bdd63406155ff363
handwired/riblee_f411 - cf0fadff4c98d41cf9bdddbe1ead15c79be941b9
handwired/steamvan/rev1 - 743b395ac87b918b6be4614c9e120e80a9f049d4
handwired/t111 - 99b61ae5692ee4b2101673d1a896cd7a5831bcfa
handwired/twadlee/tp69 - 3ab2753c40e947a726ece6c825493ebc87ecf20e
handwired/z150 - 78808b0c8671e2386b9ba65dbd647d613d92f253
hs60/v2/ansi - 7bcd152c269803de8f96416ba26e939c0420ceae
hs60/v2/hhkb - d77f393d2811bd104b05c4530bf1083d75856b7a
hs60/v2/iso - 5d3d20de919fca3b64cb7548cad46e8d35d7cc04
infinity60 - dbcbb2f58ee499252b0879d68d9beec08a8433bc
k_type - 492f476177da95495442d1e173391e3c17324a70
keebio/bdn9/rev2 - 4dbb5d606b3d9060ad01a437978220fe0f1fc5b2
keebio/choconum - 1521e634088a30114cd12b7b6bbd2cca5331c822
keebwerk/mega/ansi - 10e32718c7bfff2f6bd8dd2159a15bef0f4acbf9
misterknife/knife66 - cf2f3d26103036d79bf7fcec204e13899e33fbe3
nack - ba7f421d5670e672c5c14fd5f80c0f86447c1468
nebula12 - aedb11fa894dc19513462f054a9fa00f5c195adc
nebula68 - 6bed6afb2fd84ef9069b757f1d1e87fc1cbe290c
nemui - 86ed80ea8565d7d0f39512a9032cc5e1b306fcff
nk65 - 75b2484741a96dcbff14e94c44443bb33ad73dce
nk87 - f719a739a3d2c0969c79c1ace5fe9a7d6f05cc22
peiorisboards/ixora - b5adf1090fb4c6278d8990ce9132727a13ca3cd7
phoenix - 21bfb14c52451899dadf545b78a8e88b22a420f0
polilla - 3ba5f326b268362c9aba570b1510e1c61009ba96
primekb/meridian - df266e25c682a8ed3318faa186805683014ccec4
projectkb/alice - eee7210f618588b2c5c6367c8a0318427d09da52
projectkb/signature87 - 617430e601981f0bb5fbcce42eee53107d5161b8
ramonimbao/squishy65 - 88e4cd3db8db61ccf9daed5405cf5eeb32f8043e
ramonimbao/wete - f0e90d943d8749e802b6bba619ce943b568a7f65
rart/rartlice - f7a6b58e6cadd4102fcf5f89d054d1fbdc5809d0
retro_75 - 34c7b291fb2443bf8cb69fb9ee676190c736bf00
rocketboard_16 - 24e6503a7a5259934a80dd96dd37d3281b4240d3
satt/vision - c926d6433d8b2dc1d74623184255016bdd36ae22
tkc/candybar/lefty - 2f269cbed5dcec61bb0c7904a46436f110dc0ae1
tkc/candybar/righty - 9b1448b2ccbcf8a4d1e5ad74d8ad5933003ee9a2
tkc/godspeed75 - 2cfed58d44a7eef8f341ff24e0136511e03aa78d
tkw/stoutgat/v2/f411 - b094651ec61c79099de3e6e4991319816ac464c1
viktus/styrka - f3f678ea55126c9965f24da6fffc9bbbd8b24aa9
vinta - e5403dc6bbf47f35a53cf43b1b1d130f05552f16
westfoxtrot/prophet - 0e4d6987ffa6430720804e7bc1502ab6c3dcb879
whitefox - 5ca6de6fb09d8c2cfa996b65732fcd55391053ff
wolfmarkclub/wm1 - 2d8294e29b08f5af5406988a284483d1694ed36c
xelus/kangaroo - f9697ba27d4e6c36a1cfd9e2657eac35dfa3be99
xelus/trinityxttkl - a457601b446ea9b4e9e28d2ba304a4bcdb934257
xelus/valor_frl_tkl - 27ec14b9ee0e5cb2d026af500d16b17d4c2885e2
zoo/wampus - 926487c1f50c1c5eb0608ca7dc1184881d54d35e
zvecr/split_blackpill - 02f4393d01e0a70c94af48fa979ff0229732e8ca
zvecr/zv48/f401 - 8b1766a24f943b9b0ba756c6fe340ba69d5e14e3
zvecr/zv48/f411 - 09ba645092eb7f3d41da0d5e6727f2f4f97033c0
Listing of boards left outstanding:
8 boards outstanding:
akegata_denki/device_one: BOARD=DEVICE_ONE
dekunukem/duckypad: BOARD=GENERIC_STM32_F072XB
ergodox_stm32: BOARD=ERGODOX_STM32_BOARD
handwired/bluepill/bluepill70: BOARD=GENERIC_STM32_F103
matrix/m20add: BOARD=m20add_bd
matrix/noah: BOARD=noah_bd
xiaomi/mk02: BOARD=ST_STM32F072B_DISCOVERY
#### Add modifier state to the split keyboard transport ([#10400](
This adds modifier state to the i2c and serial transport for split
keyboards. The purpose of this is to allow e.g. displaying modifier
state on the slave side of a split keyboard on an oled. This adds two
or three bytes to the data transferred between split halves.
This also fixes a missing ifdef guard for BACKLIGHT_ENABLE.
#### fix matrix_io_delay() timing in quantum/matrix.c ([#9603](
~~The timing of the call to matrix_io_delay() has been changed to the appropriate time. With this change, we can reduce the number of times we call matrix_io_delay() by one.~~
**Separated `matrix_io_delay()` into the following two functions so that you can set the appropriate delay value for each.**
* `matrix_output_select_delay()` - after `select_row()/select_col()`
The delay is a small number of clocks specific to the MCU.
The default implementation is as follows:
__attribute__((weak)) void matrix_output_select_delay(void) { waitInputPinDelay(); }
See below for more information on `waitInputPinDelay()`.
* `matrix_output_unselect_delay()` - after `unselect_row()/unselect_col()`
The delay is in the range of a few microseconds, depending on the capacitance and resistance of the entire keyboard circuitry.
The default implementation is as follows:
__attribute__((weak)) void matrix_io_delay(void) { wait_us(MATRIX_IO_DELAY); }
__attribute__((weak)) void matrix_output_unselect_delay(void) { matrix_io_delay(); }
**Added `waitInputPinDelay()` into `quantum/quantum.h`.**
On AVR's GPIO and ARM's GPIO, the input signal changes need some clock time to be read into the input pins.
The `waitInputPinDelay()` will wait the necessary time. The wait time is set to `GPIO_INPUT_PIN_DELAY` in units of the clock.
If `GPIO_INPUT_PIN_DELAY` is not set, the following values are used.
The datasheets for ATmega32u4/16u4, ATmega32u2/16u2, ATmega328p, AT90usb646/1286, etc. say that a delay of one clock is required after a change in the input signal. Therefore, the default value of GPIO_INPUT_PIN_DELAY can be set to 1, but we'll set it to 2 to allow for some leeway.
* ARM-based MCUs
For GPIOs on ARM-based MCUs, the input pins are sampled by the clock of the bus to which the GPIO is connected.
The connected buses differ depending on the various series of MCUs.
Also, since the CPU instruction execution clock and GPIO bus clock can vary depending on the MCU GPIO bus configuration and MCU internal register settings, the optimal delay value cannot be determined. Therefore, GPIO_INPUT_PIN_DELAY defaults to a rather large value of 0.25 microseconds.
<summary><strong>Current matrix.c timing (click)</strong></summary>
#### gcc 10 compatibility for Drop alt ([#9485](
##### Issues Fixed or Closed by This PR
* #9268 (This issue tracks multiple problems, this fixes part of it)
#### Implement kinetic mouse movement algorithm ([#6739](
I implemented the kinetic/quadratic mouse acceleration algorithm. The algorithm is not the one from the UHK but a newly created one that's able to compute the current speed at any given time instead of relying on a compounding mechanism that just computes the increment.
Overall, the cursor acceleration feels very similar to the UHK. However, feedback and improvements are welcome in order to make it as usable as possible.
This algorithm requires a very low `MOUSEKEY_INTERVAL` in order to produce smooth movements. What's possible highly depends on the micro processor. I did my tests on the elite-c which is pro micro compatible. It was able to deliver 125 events per second which I set as the default value if `MK_KINETIC_SPEED` is defined.
I wrote a small utility that helps to measure the maximum number of mouse events that can be sent by the micro processor. If you try out this algorithm it should help find the right setting for `MOUSEKEY_INTERVAL`.
##### Issues Fixed or Closed by This PR
* Add UHK's kinetic mouse movement #6738

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lib/python/qmk/cli/generate/ View File

@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
from . import api
from . import config_h
from . import develop_changelog
from . import docs
from . import info_json
from . import layouts

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lib/python/qmk/cli/generate/ View File

@ -0,0 +1,77 @@
"""Generate the changelog for develop.
This requires the github module:
pip3 install PyGithub
from datetime import datetime
from pathlib import Path
import yaml
from milc import cli
from github import Github
def pr_body(text):
"""Returns the description from a PR body.
lines = []
found = False
for line in text.split('\n'):
if line.startswith('## Description'):
found = True
if line.startswith('## Issues Fixed'):
found = True
lines.append('##### Issues Fixed or Closed by This PR')
if not found:
if line.startswith('##'):
found = False
new_text = '\n'.join(lines)
return new_text.strip()
@cli.subcommand('Get a list of PRs for develop.', hidden=True)
def generate_develop_changelog(cli):
# Setup the github api
hub_config = yaml.safe_load(Path('~/.config/hub').expanduser().open())
github_token = hub_config[''][0]['oauth_token']
github = Github(github_token)
# Find our branchpoint
master_revs =['git', 'rev-list', '--first-parent', 'master'])
develop_revs =['git', 'rev-list', '--first-parent', 'develop'])
master_commits = master_revs.stdout.split('\n')
develop_commits = develop_revs.stdout.split('\n')
first_commit = None
for commit in develop_commits:
if commit in master_commits:
branchpoint = commit
if not branchpoint:
cli.log.error('Could not find branchpoint!')
# Find the time of our branchpoint
repo = github.get_repo('qmk/qmk_firmware')
bp = repo.get_commit(branchpoint)
last_modified = datetime.strptime(bp.last_modified, '%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S %Z')
# Get a list of PR's targetting develop since last_modified
for pr in repo.get_pulls(state='closed', base='develop'):
if pr.merged and pr.merged_at > last_modified:
print(f'#### {pr.title} ([#{pr.number}]({pr.number}))')