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  Ryan 6ee29d9aa6
Tidy up ADNS9800 and PMW3360 firmware blobs (#14936) 7 hours ago
  Reibl János Dániel ec8c1e05af
[Keymap] Add logo to riblee userspace (#14875) 1 day ago
  ForsakenRei ff39890620
[Docs] Add default case to tap dance example 5. (#14893) 1 day ago
  George Petri 974e9e0a6b
[Keymap] Add Gergoplex keymap (#14768) 1 day ago
  Reibl János Dániel a167a95bd0
[Keymap] Simplify unicode input mode change and CTRL and GUI swapping (#14874) 1 day ago
  Ingomancer bfddc7dfa1
Reformat iris keymap antonlindstrom to be a bit more readable and consistent (#14902) 1 day ago
  jonavin 443d306827
[Keymap] Jonavin userspace keymap updates INVERT_NUMLOCK_INDICATOR (#14880) 1 day ago
  jurassic73 09daafd489
Corrected keyboard layout which was causing issue in QMK configurator (#14891) 1 day ago
  Álvaro A. Volpato d71c962b61
[Keyboard] Update encoder callback on Evolv75 (#14757) 1 day ago
  TW59420 8ec1afd17c
[Keyboard] Add MW75 support (#14833) 1 day ago
  Dasky 1953a968c5
Check usb transmit status in send_extra() (#14643) 1 day ago
  Danny 1e13d07cac
Fix right half of Nyquist in 4x12 mode having row shifted up by one (#14914) 2 days ago
  James Young 3979137995
Pteron36 Refactor (#14904) 2 days ago
  Drashna Jaelre 0fd45d5984
Fix type of Tap Dance max index variable (#14887) 4 days ago
  Sergey Vlasov c9562ebfde
Make the MAGIC_TOGGLE_GUI keycode work (#14886) 4 days ago
  precondition 5fbcbc6af8
[DOCS] Fix the STENO_COMBINEDMAP table (#14883) 5 days ago
  Sergey Vlasov 587f7508fc
preonic/rev3_drop: Fix old custom matrix code (#14857) 1 week ago
  Roger d2f9e352c8
[Keymap] added media controls, copy and paste; moved print screen (#14850) 1 week ago
  ​Andrzej Ressel b8ca0af06a
[Keyboard] Add SpiderIsland 25 key keyboard (#14793) 1 week ago
  Peter Park 772f67484f
[Keyboard] Update Support for The Uni (#14569) 1 week ago
  Ryan 3c0eeec755
Try to clarify "number of elements in info.json does not match" error (#14844) 1 week ago
  tangowithfoxtrot 9200baf593
[Keyboard] Fix minor typo in Ploopy Trackball Nano Docs (#14717) 1 week ago
  Takeshi ISHII eddb206369
add docs/ja/ja_doc_status.sh (#14402) 1 week ago
  AKiwi92 9e2e773782
[Keyboard] Amended Some Pins - KiwiKeebs Macro V2 (#14824) 1 week ago
  hadi 79a34d8ec3
[Keyboard] Adding CK60 and CK65 (#14737) 1 week ago
  Manna Harbour 6b299fab6e
[Keymap] Update Miryoku (#14827) 1 week ago
  Drashna Jaelre 9a0addc77e
[Keymap] Drashna Keymap Updates (#14842) 1 week ago
  Drashna Jaelre a8422cca03
[Keyboard] Tractyl Manuform Updates (#14841) 1 week ago
  BenSchaeff 4db5d85273
[Keymap] Added GMMK Pro keymap with RGB (#14648) 1 week ago
  Sergi Meseguer 40badc4413
[Keymap] zigotica userspace (#14670) 1 week ago
  floookay b0d293a841
[Keyboard] add Pluckey (#14672) 1 week ago
  stanrc85 8bb1fd04d4
[Keymap] Userspace updates (#14832) 1 week ago
  Aaron Paterson c8b00b2e91
Update documentation because GPIO functions are no longer in quantum.h (#14826) 1 week ago
  Felix Jen 235323269c
[Keyboard] Add MK61-RGB-ANSI keyboard (#14795) 1 week ago
  Ryan b7a346600c
[Docs] Clean up reference_info_json.md (#14806) 1 week ago
  Tom dd42387d9f
[Keymap] Add keebio iris layout beakl 15 (#14762) 1 week ago
  Alex Meyer c2d72a60f0
remove Bracket Pair Colorizer recommendation (#14816) 1 week ago
  James Young 44bfe04f53
[Keyboard] PLX Refactor (#14809) 1 week ago
  rhmokey 943ca36acc
[Keyboard] Add ginkgo65 (#14802) 1 week ago
  MechMerlin a827adeaae
Documentation: Updated KBDFans readmes (#14725) 1 week ago
  Reibl János Dániel e8dadf51ad
[Keymap] Display default layer name (#14819) 1 week ago
  Steven Karrmann b8de20f1e2
Add KC_BSLS key to Horizon keyboard default layout (#14815) 1 week ago
  Sergey Vlasov f9f3a11c20
contra, fractal: Remove wrongly copypasted pin E6 manipulation code (#14818) 1 week ago
  James Young 04cf161aa0
maxr1998/pulse4k: use layout macros in keymaps (#14808) 1 week ago
  James Young ec32365944
Kopibeng MNK88 Patch (#14807) 1 week ago
  James Young bc51e330c0
Lucid Alexa layout macro rework (#14799) 1 week ago
  James Young c63c78f080
Kopibeng MNK88 Layout Extension (#14796) 1 week ago
  etiennelepagel a0b7c1618a
[Keyboard] Add MachKeyboards Mach3 (#14791) 1 week ago
  takashicompany 2d8dcf08e8
[Keyboard] Add "Center x Enter" (#14790) 1 week ago
  James Young 78509658e6
KabeDon98E Refactor (#14778) 1 week ago