37 Commits (master)

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  Ryan 5af1799735
Remove BLUETOOTH_ENABLE from keyboard-level rules.mk (#14379) 1 month ago
  Ryan 4791cfae1a
Remove width, height and key_count from info.json (#14274) 1 month ago
  Ryan d5cb7de5e4
Change USBasp and bootloadHID bootloaders to lowercase (#14354) 1 month ago
  Nick Brassel 4bad375d7c
2021Q3 pre-merge `develop` changelog, keyboard aliases (#14198) 1 month ago
  Joel Challis 2cade3a483
Align some quantum sub-directories (#14134) 2 months ago
  Joel Challis b229b0fba7
Fix issues with recent keymap.json changes (#14089) 2 months ago
  Joel Challis 2e734fb6b9
Add config.h and rules.mk support for data driven keymaps (#12859) 2 months ago
  Zach White 8d9bfdc254
Add a lot more data to info.json (#13366) 2 months ago
  thpoll83 b43c6bc176
Add support for STM32F407x MCUs. (#13718) 2 months ago
  Ryan 25f43837d2
Remove references to info.json `width` and `height` in CLI (#13728) 2 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre 71e9f8fc11
Update LUFA (18-07-2021) and add QMK-HID Bootloader support (#13588) 3 months ago
  Nick Brassel 8bb231aa1c
Adds support for STM32L412xB, STM32L422xB. (#13383) 3 months ago
  Zach White b908275354
Optimize our jsonschema by using refs (#13271) 4 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre 88e53ad9ca
Fix issue with crkbd json mapping (#13255) 4 months ago
  Michael Stapelberg 7c5ef4060e
allow LINE_PINxx for Teensy 4.x pins (#13247) 4 months ago
  James Young 1646c0f26c
2021 May 29 Breaking Changes Update (#13034) 4 months ago
  Xelus22 9cf82fae95
Add STM32L433 and L443 support (#12063) 6 months ago
  Purdea Andrei 3f7350732c
Add support for MCU = STM32F446 (#12619) 6 months ago
  Nick Brassel 891d18d356
Add initial support for tinyuf2 bootloader (when hosted on F411 blackpill) (#12600) 6 months ago
  Zach White 299008be36
Add support for qmk_configurator style aliases (#11954) 7 months ago
  Michael Stapelberg 1d341ffbb0
core: add support for MK66F18 (Teensy 3.6) micro controller (#12258) 7 months ago
  Joel Challis f8266a228c
Migrate make_dfu_header to CLI (#12061) 7 months ago
  Zach White 0828d0f5c7
Fix compile errors (#12048) 7 months ago
  Zach White 1581ea48dc
Fix develop (#12039) 7 months ago
  Nick Brassel 620a946d01
Add STM32G431 and STM32G474 board definitions. (#11793) 8 months ago
  Zach White ef6329af7c
Create a system to map between info.json and config.h/rules.mk (#11548) 8 months ago
  Dasky d92ffd1157
Adds AT90USB162 support (#11570) 8 months ago
  Nick Brassel 625f29368b
Update list of MCUs in keyboard.jsonschema to mirror qmk.constants.py (#11688) 9 months ago
  Zach White eaa9106ec7
Add support for specifying BOARD in info.json (#11492) 9 months ago
  Zach White 962bc8d9dd
Use the schema to eliminate custom code (#11108) 9 months ago
  Zach White 30331b383f fix bugs triggered by certain boards 9 months ago
  Zach White 82007aa03a Revert "loosen up the schema to allow any pin format" 9 months ago
  Zach White ed19198c78 loosen up the schema to allow any pin format 9 months ago
  Zach White b2c26f7cdd get qmk generate-api into a good state 10 months ago
  Zach White 266a85eda0 add missing schemas 10 months ago