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  Zach White ffdfe3798b
switch to qmk-dotty-dict (#13460) 3 months ago
  Joel Challis e0acd3e53d
Update requirements.txt (#13135) 4 months ago
  Zach White c277ae4768
Move hid and pyusb to requirements.txt (#13134) 4 months ago
  Zach White 588bcdc8ca
Add support for tab completion (#12411) 6 months ago
  Zach White 1cbf1c681a
Enforce minimum versions for jsonschema and MILC (#12141) 7 months ago
  Zach White ef6329af7c
Create a system to map between info.json and config.h/rules.mk (#11548) 8 months ago
  Zach White ededff8556 validate keyboard data with jsonschema 10 months ago
  James Young c66df16644
2020 November 28 Breaking Changes Update (#11053) 11 months ago
  Erovia 058737f116
[CLI] Add c2json (#8817) 1 year ago
  Erovia c61f016fa4 CLI: Add development mode support 1 year ago
  Erovia 3ed1223678 Drop bs4 dependency, update docs, minor improvements 2 years ago
  Erovia 1d3271999a Add bs4 to requirements.txt 2 years ago
  skullY 0ed492978a Add pep8-naming to our python linting 1 year ago
  skullydazed f7bdc54c69
Add flake8 to our test suite and fix all errors (#7379) 1 year ago
  Cody Bender 7329c2d02d Add cli convert subcommand, from raw KLE to JSON (#6898) 1 year ago
  skullydazed d569f08771
Configuration system for CLI (#6708) 2 years ago
  skullydazed a25dd58bc5
QMK CLI and JSON keymap support (#6176) 2 years ago