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  Stefan Kerkmann 5c2052fd47
[Core] RISC-V toolchain and picolibc fixes (#15109) 1 week ago
  Stefan Kerkmann e50867d52d
[Core] Add support for RISC-V builds and GD32VF103 MCU (#12508) 1 month ago
  Bror Winther aa28335651
Add fix for brew upgrade (#12921) 3 months ago
  Kuba Tyszko acf7de7a52
/bin/bash to /usr/bin/env bash (#13422) 4 months ago
  Rickard von Essen ba35c11807
Debian requires package libusb-dev to build bootloaderHID (#13105) 5 months ago
  James Young 1646c0f26c
2021 May 29 Breaking Changes Update (#13034) 6 months ago
  Zach White db1eacdaac
Align our subprocess usage with current best practices. (#12940) 6 months ago
  Zach White 7a25dcacff
New command: qmk console (#12828) 6 months ago
  Zach White cd336b2b54
bump to python 3.7 (#11408) 9 months ago
  Ryan acec174fde
Homebrew install: ignore pinned formulae in `brew upgrade` (#11423) 10 months ago
  Maurizio Porrato 0f5f6a6a75
Add libusb-devel dependency for fedora (#11287) 11 months ago
  Jonathan Paugh 992380a5dd
Add missing Debian/Ubuntu dependency to the install script (#11348) 11 months ago
  Ryan c21d5a0973
Refactor qmk_install.sh (#10681) 1 year ago