19 Commits (6b299fab6e6a3143c061b9ea005253361fcd524b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  James Young 292b7b3835
Remove firmware size impact notes from <keyboard>/rules.mk (#14652) 10 months ago
  Ryan 36bc3c867e
Remove redundant `UNICODE_ENABLE = no` in keyboard-level rules.mk (#14633) 10 months ago
  Ryan 6b74e48f81
Remove audio pin references in rules.mk (#14532) 10 months ago
  Ryan 5af1799735
Remove BLUETOOTH_ENABLE from keyboard-level rules.mk (#14379) 11 months ago
  Ryan 4791cfae1a
Remove width, height and key_count from info.json (#14274) 11 months ago
  Ryan 7eea780a7d
Remove bootloader listings from rules.mk (#14330) 11 months ago
  Ryan fe6d6cf76d
Remove empty override functions (#14312) 11 months ago
  James Young 4b453dca92
Remove MIDI Configuration boilerplate (#11151) 1 year ago
  James Young a03aa301de
Remove Full Bootmagic (#13846) 1 year ago
  Ryan 44260c3414
Remove `API_SYSEX_ENABLE`s from rules.mk (#13389) 1 year ago
  James Young 2e50b34c67
Add missing info.json files for keyboards (#12239) 1 year ago
  Ryan 62f304a225
Remove `DESCRIPTION`, H-J (#11616) 1 year ago
  Zach White 6368a5697d
Exclude more keyboards from CI (#11436) 1 year ago
  Zach White c0dcee96a8
Initial list of keyboards to exclude from CI (#11213) 1 year ago
  jotix 8a5c1e1859
[Keyboard] jotpad16 status leds (#8643) 2 years ago
  Drashna Jaelre e6b9980bd4 Remove keymap_config extern from default keymaps (#7399) 2 years ago
  fauxpark 3dbf08b655 Cleanup rules.mk for 32U4 keyboards, H (#7030) 2 years ago
  Drashna Jaelre faaaa134fd Replace DEBOUNCING_DELAY (deprecated) with DEBOUNCE (#5997) 3 years ago
  jotix c3cf9c0cef Jotpad16 (#5212) 3 years ago