20 Commits (6b299fab6e6a3143c061b9ea005253361fcd524b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ryan 5af1799735
Remove BLUETOOTH_ENABLE from keyboard-level rules.mk (#14379) 11 months ago
  Ryan 4791cfae1a
Remove width, height and key_count from info.json (#14274) 11 months ago
  James Young a03aa301de
Remove Full Bootmagic (#13846) 1 year ago
  Ryan 9dcd03b6ca
Set `BOOTLOADER = stm32-dfu` for all applicable STM32 boards (#12956) 1 year ago
  James Young 2e50b34c67
Add missing info.json files for keyboards (#12239) 1 year ago
  Nick Brassel bdb757e189
ChibiOS conf migrations... take 11 (#11646) 1 year ago
  Nick Brassel 78fe155b72
Fix up comments showing how to execute config migration. (#11621) 1 year ago
  Nick Brassel 3b1ffd2ede
ChibiOS enable memory allocations (#11620) 1 year ago
  Zach White 6368a5697d
Exclude more keyboards from CI (#11436) 1 year ago
  Zach White c0dcee96a8
Initial list of keyboards to exclude from CI (#11213) 1 year ago
  Nick Brassel f1fef16e4d
ChibiOS upgrade: keyboard conf migrations (phase 1) (#10418) 1 year ago
  Nick Brassel 4444f3cc55
Disable almost all ChibiOS subsystems in default configs (#11111) 1 year ago
  Reibl János Dániel d79fe65291
Clean ChibiOS platform files (#10505) 1 year ago
  Reibl János Dániel 661f4aaa8a
[Keymap] Move my custom functions and keymaps to userspace (#10502) 1 year ago
  Reibl János Dániel 284a5267d5
Add Unicode modes for `handwired/riblee_f401:riblee` (#10461) 1 year ago
  Reibl János Dániel 7a3a57e457
Updates to handwired/riblee_f401 keymaps (#10376) 1 year ago
  Ryan 0140baf7e0
Add STM32F401/F411 to mcu_selection.mk (#10278) 1 year ago
  Reibl János Dániel 671d066c84
[Keyboard] Add handwired 12*5 blackpill keyboard (#9855) 2 years ago