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#!/usr/bin/env bash
_qmk_install_prepare() {
pacman -Syu $MSYS2_CONFIRM
_qmk_install() {
echo "Installing dependencies"
pacman --needed --noconfirm --disable-download-timeout -S pactoys-git
pacboy sync --needed --noconfirm --disable-download-timeout \
base-devel: toolchain:x clang:x git: unzip: python3-pip:x \
avr-binutils:x avr-gcc:x avr-libc:x arm-none-eabi-binutils:x \
arm-none-eabi-gcc:x arm-none-eabi-newlib:x avrdude:x bootloadhid:x \
dfu-programmer:x dfu-util:x teensy-loader-cli:x hidapi:x
python3 -m pip install -r "$QMK_FIRMWARE_DIR/requirements.txt"
_qmk_install_drivers() {
echo "Installing drivers"
tmpdir=$(mktemp -d)
cp "$QMK_FIRMWARE_UTIL_DIR/drivers.txt" $tmpdir
pushd $tmpdir > /dev/null
wget ""
cmd.exe //c "qmk_driver_installer.exe --all --force drivers.txt"
popd > /dev/null
rm -r $tmpdir