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Manna Harbour 6b299fab6e
[Keymap] Update Miryoku (#14827)
7 months ago
333fred [Keymap] Added 333fred 5x6_5 keymap (#10272) 1 year ago
default Dactyl Manuform cleanup (#13686) 10 months ago
impstyle Remove redundant KC_TRNS and KC_NO fillers in remaining keymaps (#5154) 3 years ago
manna-harbour_miryoku [Keymap] Update Miryoku (#14827) 7 months ago
rishka [Keymap] Ergodox EZ and dactyl-manuform keymaps for rishka (#7051) 2 years ago
squirrel [Keymap] Dactyl Manuform computer scientist's layout with split RGB enabled (#7519) 2 years ago
swedish `keymap_extras`: Remove deprecated defines (#12949) 10 months ago