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Skulls-derived Coreboot for Liberated Computers

The original README follows....

Skulls - not quite Heads

pre-built coreboot images with an easy installation process


Skulls makes it easy to install an unlocked, up-to-date and easy to use coreboot-based BIOS on your laptop.

  • unlocked: software update after first-time flashing / no restrictions for connected hardware
  • easy to use: SeaBIOS - simply a boot menu, compatible with Windows and Linux
  • up to date: Frequently a new image with the latest versions of all components

Supported Laptops

When do we do a release?

Either when

  • There is a new SeaBIOS release,
  • There is a new Intel microcode release (for our CPU model),
  • There is new coreboot development that affects us, or
  • We change the config

How we build


We aim to be the easiest possible coreboot distribution - both to install and to use. And since our flash image is unlocked to enable software updates, it's easy to move to alternative systems from it:

  • Heads - a coreboot distribution with pre-built (or reproducibly buildable) flash images (for the X230 and others). Heads includes Linux, with tools to create a trusted boot chain using your GPG key and the TPM.
  • libreboot - a coreboot distribution with pre-built image releases. The X230 is currently not supported (the X200 is) - libreboot images are built from free software only and include the GRUB bootloader.


none. become a sponsor and you can be listed here. any compensation is very much appreciated.